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June 19th, 2023 marks the official U.S. release of  ‘Gifts & Sacrifices’,  new album from Heidi Martin. Martin applies that singer-songwriter perspective, that folk influence from the 60’s to a whole different genre of music…An original voice whose artistry is both authentic and defiant to genre, a provocative lyricist with a deep sense of social consciousness.

Born in Washington D.C. She has shared the stage as a featured vocalist with Nicholas Payton, Tim Warfield, and George Burton. As guest artist on recordings with Russell Gunn, and Dana Murray. Significant collaborations in co- production with producer and keyboard innovator Raymond Angry. “Gifts & Sacrifices” features Notable musicians Paul Bollenback guitar, Tim Warfield soprano, Josh Evans trumpet, George Burton and Piano, Raymond Angry Keys, Tarus Mateen bass and Eric Harland drums, background vocals Paige Brown.

Four of Martin’s compositions off her first album “HIDE” – were chosen as a soundtrack to REVOLUTION ’67, a documentary about the 1967 Newark rebellion by Emmy-nominated filmmakers Jerome and Marylou Bongiorno.

She has performed both nationally and internationally at Winter JazzFest, DC Jazz Festival, Black Arts Fest, Pori Jazz Festival (Finland), The Kenzi Sky Bar, Cadet Rouge in (Casablanca, Morocco).

This upcoming August 23rd, 2023, Kennedy Center Millennium Stage Date is the premier of “New Jazz Works” commissioned by Chamber Music America 2022 grant. All new compositions with Heidi Martin Ensemble: DeAndre Shaifer keys, Romeir Mendez bass, Justin Faulkner drums, Tim Warfield sax, Josh Evans trumpet, Paul Bollenback guitar, Paige Brown vocals and Heidi Martin vocals, piano and guitar.








Heidi?” What a name for a soul singer…Heidi is very much her own self and I’m responding to that sense of self … deep enigma reveling in vulnerable openness. Singing some very, very personal experiences and emotions. You can almost see her heart pulsing. There is almost nothing here but voice and the barest cushion of music. In her voice one hears a someone laying it all bare for the world to stare at and pick over, or like Heidi perceptively says, if you’re telling the truth one word is worth a thousand pictures.

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“Heidi Martin has produced a knockout sensation in the guise of her new platter ‘Gifts & Sacrifices’.The voice is ornate, earthy and lovely, pulling against unusual chord changes highlighting how deep a song can go emotionally, or how much musical invention it can contain. Her sense of melody gets more dense as opposed to diaphanous as she leans more fully into gear on this incredible offering from wistful acoustic soundscapes to complex jazz pop and beyond Martin seems to have all angles covered. These cuts are bittersweet and relatable, creating a new space for songs that make unfettered, artistic statements, unbound by cliché and traditional female auteur, she is definitely going for it in 2022.”

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“A treat in store for jazz-vocals fans released at the end of this month this from American singer Heidi Martin full of original, involving compositions with some very sensitive accompaniment by among others guitarist Paul Bollenback, bassist Tarus Mateen and drummer Eric Harland recorded in a New York studio last summer. At times you land as if in Joni Mitchell territory time-travelling as the record dips and darts into unexpected areas and sharing the same oblique poeticism of Mitchell and a certain spirit of adventure musically and lyrically that lifts the spirits. If you’re into Dena DeRose, Patricia Barber or Tierney Sutton step this way.”

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“April 29, 2022 marks the release of Gifts & Sacrifices, the new album from American vocalist and composer Heidi Martin. Born in Washington, D.C., Heidi’s development as a professional artist began by studying with elders of jazz such as Grady Tate and Keter Betts, as well as attending The University of the District of Columbia Jazz Ethnic Studies Program, under the direction of Professor Calvin Jones. Enhancing these studies were live performances at D.C.’s own historic venue One Step Down where Heidi witnessed iconic artists such as The Shirley Horn Trio, The Cedar Walton Trio and The Terence Blanchard / Donald Harrison Quintet to name just a few. Monday nights at One Step belonged to the duo of pianist Reuben Brown and bassist Steve Novasol. After sitting in one night, Rueben offered Heidi an open invitation to sit in regularly, an generous opportunity to grow in vocal phrasing.”

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