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A vocalist, composer and on her upcoming 2022 album release “Gifts & Sacrifices” the credit of producer. She was born in Washington, D.C., raised in the same era and southern part of Maryland as vocalist Eva Cassidy. She studied at U.D.C. under the direction of Professor Calvin Jones, privately with the music’s royalty Grady Tate and lessons with Keter Betts, while concurrently going out to hear Shirley Horn Trio, Charlie Young Quintet, and working with her first band; George Colligan, James King and Aaron Walker until making a move to NYC.

After a reflective first year in NYC, she composed the compositions for “HIDE” 1999 debut album produced by Dana Murray with musicians: Eric Revis, Gregoire Maret, Derek and Vincent Gardner, Sherman Irby, Kahlil Kwame Bell and James Hurt.

“Hide is a biopic of the 21st Century American South: the sticky sensuality and dusty prejudice that endures, never changing. Musically, Hide is the same, but sparingly so, Muscle Shoals and Memphis distilled to the pure essence. The instrumentation and musical arrangements are like the drop of water added to the sacramental chalice, the vehicle for the lyrics to manifest in the aural sea of forgiveness. Hide is a demanding, inventive recording that pays the listener dividends in thoughtful consideration and insight.”
~All About Jazz

Heidi Martin has performed, recorded and/or comprised her bands with leading artists that have included some of today’s most exciting contributors to the music, her upcoming release “Gifts & Sacrifices” (recorded at GSI studios in New York June 2021) features: Paul Bollenback, Raymond Angry (co producer on I love you in every language), Tarus Mateen, Josh Evans, Tim Warfield, Eric Harland, George Burton, and Paige Brown. A release date is set for April 2022.

Heidi has performed internationally in Finland, working with notable musicians: Jarmo Savolainen, Seppo Kontonen, Häkä Virtanen. She performed at the Pori Jazz Festival, met Miles Davis, and flew to Germany to attend his circle in the round concert in Munich. This time was influencial in committing to a life of music. Heidi has performed in Casablanca, Morocco and created an abundance of poetry thru the experience.








Heidi Martin has produced a knockout sensation in the guise of her new platter ‘Gifts & Sacrifices’.The voice is ornate, earthy and lovely, pulling against unusual chord changes highlighting how deep a song can go emotionally, or how much musical invention it can contain. Her sense of melody gets more dense as opposed to diaphanous as she leans more fully into gear on this incredible offering from wistful acoustic soundscapes to complex jazz pop and beyond Martin seems to have all angles covered. These cuts are bittersweet and relatable, creating a new space for songs that make unfettered, artistic statements, unbound by cliché and traditional female auteur, she is definitely going for it in 2022.

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